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We're industry insiders with years of hands-on experience in clinical trials. We've walked in the shoes of clinical research sites understanding the resource constraints and expertise gaps they face. Our deep knowledge  of the clinical trial ecosystem allows us to tailor strategies that ensure study enrolment goals are achieved.

Driven Approach

We don't settle for mediocrity. Our team is driven by results. Backed by a track record of consistently ranking our previous sites among the top 5 global recruiting sites, we know how to deliver outcomes. Our performance-led patient recruitment strategies ensure maximum patient enrolment and retention, keeping your studies on track.


Our tailored recruitment solutions recognize the complexity and diversity of clinical trial recruitment. By customising strategies to align with specific trial objectives, patient populations, and contextual factors, our tailored approaches significantly increase the likelihood of successful patient enrolment while ensuring compliance and cost-effectiveness.


We are well-versed in the complexities of Oncology patient recruitment  and understand the intricacies of precision medicine, and the diverse spectrum of patients who need access to new therapies.  We have a proven track record of identifying eligible patients alongside fostering collaborations with oncologists and healthcare providers as part of our oncology enrolment initiatives.

PatientFlow Plus

An innovative Patient Recruitment Management System that delivers  a more streamlined, efficient, and transparent patient recruitment process.

This technology provides detailed and significant metrics to gauge the success of your investment, giving you clear insights into how every pound or dollar is spent and its effectiveness.


Our automated booking system empowers patients, simplifies the site's operations, and improves the patient experience, all of which contribute to higher enrolment rates.

Diversity & Inclusivity

With a deep commitment to promoting diversity in clinical trials, we understand the unique challenges and nuances involved in reaching and engaging underrepresented populations.

Our team has extensive experience and expertise in deploying patient recruitment strategies that are inclusive and effectively connect with diverse backgrounds and communities.

Digital Complexity

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 Areas of Experience & Expertise