About us

About Us

At Nexus, our dedication is firmly rooted in our goal to accelerate clinical research by connecting the right patient to the right trial.

We are an experienced and highly motivated senior leadership team with over forty years of patient recruitment and site management experience. As seasoned professionals in the clinical trial industry, our teams possess extensive hands-on experience in all areas of patient recruitment.

We know that there is no such thing as an easy trial and are well-aware of the complexities inherent in every trial and the immense pressure on everyone to achieve results.

Our values:

At the heart of Nexus' ethos is the commitment to forge enduring partnerships with you our clients. Our strategy is focused on reducing the costs of clinical research to you through effective, value-driven patient recruitment delivered with full transparency.

Whatever it takes:

We always maintain a clear vision of our objectives (your goals!) focused on the outcome, not the hours needed to get there.

 Solution focused:

Things happen and don’t always go according to plan. In the face of challenges, our priority is to seek resolutions. We adopt an analytical mindset always aiming to find effective solutions.

Nexus Enrolment Solutions

Nexus Enrolment Solutions is the brainchild of Caroline Endersbee, Nexus’s CEO, and founder. Her journey into the clinical research industry began in 2012 with MeDiNova Research, marking a pivotal transition from her background in web technology and digital marketing to spearheading innovative patient recruitment strategies in clinical trials and establishing the company as a leader in recruiting for challenging studies, in often niche therapeutic areas.

Medinova grew quickly from one owned site in Harrow, London to 105 sites globally by 2019.  This expansion wasn't just quantitative; it was marked by excellence, with MeDiNova's sites frequently ranking in the top five for global recruitment and securing the SCRS Site Patient Recruitment Innovation Award (SPRIA) in 2019.

Following MeDiNova's acquisition by ICON in 2019, Caroline assumed leadership of the global patient recruitment team at the newly formed Accellacare. Her pursuit of innovation then led her to join Oncacare, the first global oncology site network, working in collaboration with many diverse sites across 9 countries supporting them with the enrolment of patients and recruitment strategies tailored to the complexities of oncology clinical trials.

With the inception of Nexus Enrolment Solutions, Caroline brings her wealth of experience full circle, offering specialised knowledge and expertise in patient recruitment support to sites, CRO's and sponsors. Her leadership philosophy emphasises collaboration, transparency, and unified efforts to achieve shared objectives. By embedding her team as working partners with clients, Nexus aims to transform patient recruitment in clinical research, ensuring that every study reaches its full potential through efficient and effective enrolment strategies.