patientflow plus

Single Recruitment Funnel

Create a unified approach to participant recruitment. Experience a seamless flow from initial contact to enrolment.

Actionable Data Insights

Our platform turns data into decisions. Understand your recruitment dynamics at a granular level and make informed choices.

Reliable ROI Reporting: 

Measure the success of your investment with precise, meaningful metrics. Know where every dollar goes and its impact.

PatientFlow Plus
Centralized Management and Performance Tracking

  • Unprecedented Transparency: With PatientFlow Plus, every step of the recruitment process is clear and accountable. You’ll see the complete journey, not just parts of it.
  • Comprehensive Patient Management: Keeps track of every Patient’s journey through a centralized system.
  • Performance Reporting: Detailed reports on how each campaign, and recruitment channel performs.
  • Complete Global Visibility: Real-time updates across all sites and patient activities, ensuring you're always in the know.