patient Vue

Why it’s crucial to have a lead follow up strategy.

Although generating patient leads is a vital initial step, the real test is in swiftly determining their potential suitability for the trial. Quick and efficient follow-up is essential for making this determination. In today's digital age, relying solely on manual processes is inadequate. Implementing a systematic follow-up approach enables the qualification of more potential participants with minimal effort.

PatientVue is a patient centric, and site managed automated booking and lead transfer platform, built to create a better experience for potential patients and to reduce site workload.

PatientVue Empower patients and sites by giving them control where it counts!

PatientVue puts patients in charge, allowing them to schedule follow-up calls at their convenience.

After pre-qualification, suitable patients are referred to the site for pre-screening/screening. The Nexus patient recruitment team can coordinate directly with the patient and schedule this appointment during the pre-qualification call,

We enable this through our PatientVue platform, which grants sites direct access to and control over the booking system, allowing them to offer specific dates and times that work best for them, thereby reducing site burden.

Reduction in calls = less patients lost to follow up = more efficient & streamlined referral system.