How much will it cost?

You decide! Your Choice, Your Control:

Option 1: Set Your Media Budget: In a departure from traditional models Nexus empowers you to take control of your patient recruitment strategy by setting and managing your own media budget. You understand your site's/study's  financial landscape and recruitment objectives best, and we believe in giving you the decision-making power. Your unique recruitment goals become the guiding force behind your budget, ensuring that every dollar or pound spent aligns seamlessly with your objectives, ultimately maximizing the impact on patient enrolment.

Option 2: Cost per Referral: If you are seeking simplicity, our cost per referral option provides a straightforward approach. You only pay for the referrals you receive, and the cost is mutually agreed upon based on criteria such as indication, web or phone verification, target population, location, and more.

Digital Expertise at Your Service: 

With our digital expertise, we don't just leave you with control; we offer guidance. We'll advise you on what your media budget is likely to deliver in terms of leads, providing valuable insights to make informed decisions.

Pilot Campaign for Optimal Decisions:  

Consider starting with an initial pilot campaign. This allows us to gather crucial data insights, enabling us to make optimal decisions regarding budget setting and ROI. It's a strategic step that ensures your recruitment strategy is fine-tuned for success.

Full Transparency, No Surprises: 

Bid farewell to ambiguous costs. Nexus is committed to absolute transparency. Every dollar or pound spent is accounted for and agreed upon upfront, eliminating any unexpected surprises. We believe in building trust through clear and open communication.