Nexus Enrolment Solutions: Your Trusted Partner in Patient Recruitment

Why Choose Nexus Enrolment Solutions?

Expertise in Patient Recruitment

With years of experience in the industry, we have honed our skills in patient recruitment strategies. Our team consists of industry experts who understand the unique challenges of recruiting patients for clinical trials.

Patient-Centric Approach

We put patients at the heart of what we do. Our patient-centric approach focuses on their needs, concerns, and experiences, ensuring that the recruitment process is ethical, compassionate, and efficient.

Tailored Recruitment Strategies 

Every clinical trial is unique. We develop customized recruitment strategies that align with your specific project goals, therapeutic area, and target patient population.

Strong Site Relationships

Coming from a site background ourselves we understand first hand their challenges and this is a cornerstone of our success at Nexus Enrolment Solutions, we understand that the key to successful patient recruitment lies in our ability to build strong and lasting relationships with sites.

Web Technology Systems

Technology is crucial in optimising processes, expanding reach, and ultimately achieving success in enrolling participants for clinical trials. At Nexus, leveraging our extensive experience and understanding of the challenges, we have two powerful, well thought out and designed systems aimed at improving and streamlining recruitment efforts:

PatientFlow Plus  

A Patient Recruitment Management System designed to transform how clinical trials recruit participants. It's not just software; it's your gateway to a streamlined, efficient, and transparent recruitment process.


Our Automated Booking System empowers patients, streamlines the site's operations, and improves the patient experience, all of which contribute to higher enrolment rates.

Nexus Enrolment Solutions is your strategic partner in staying ahead of the curve, ensuring that your clinical trials and research projects reach the right audience and achieve enrolment targets effectively.